måndag 26 december 2011

We met Jesus in the beach of Torredembarra today!

We were walking in the sunshine enjoying the beach and the music of the wawes. Then all of a sudden Patrik stopped...."Look" he said "Jesus has passed on the sand". I looked down and saw a crown of thorns laying there. Patrik took it up and put on his head. "I am Jesus" he smiled.

 I asked why he said so and he answered "Jesus is in everybody. You and me. You only have to find the spirit!" Then he lay down the crown on the beach, streched out his arms and made his shadow into a cross with his head where the crown was laying.

 "Wait!!!" I exclaimed. "I must take a photo with my mobile, oterwise nobody will belive this".
I have got a PROPHET in my family..................

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