söndag 3 februari 2013

Paella and Line Dance at Cal Cameu!

Now it was a looong time since I wrote anything! Today is the day I begin again with a lovely day at a
rural house called Cal Cameu about 30 minutes from Torredembarra. It is owned by Judy, my good
friend and companion of Line Dance.

We had a Paella at her house (and what a paella cooked by Pilar!). Our gang is a bunch of very nice people and I am very happy to be part of it!! Here you see Judy and I:

We were 26 people,  husbands, wifes and children also making part of the fiesta. First of all it was
a fantastic sun shining day and a fantastic wind, blowing away all the clouds. When we arrived at the house
it was a breathtaking view. The house is built in a rustic style with all comfort:

Everybody helped to bring wood to the fire, to prepare tables and drink vermouth to keep the wind
away. Pilar, our companion-cook, really knew how to make paella and for 26 people!! Here she is at work:

It was a seafood paella and first all the shrimps, calamares and vegetables and then all the rest of ingredients followed to be fried. Then the rice was poured in:. 3 kilos! followed by the stock: 9 liters!
Here Tony and other Linedancers are at work helping Pili:

Now the tempting smell was flying over the garden and Frank came to see whether it was ready.
Mmmm, I think he was a little hungry. The "aperitivo" had stimulated the apetite..

READY! Looking delicious! Everybody in the house and to the table:

Here Rosalia (a relative of Frank) and her husband Salvador enjoy the food and company.

Then came coffee with "avec",  and a looooot of cakes and goodies. Wow! I think  I had whipped cream coming out of the ears. Mmmmm - I AM a cookymonster... Satisfied and happy the dance could begin out in the garden. Frank prefers to look at the people dancing..:

Pere and Belén also enjoy watching us dance...very amused it seems!

It IS really great fun to dance Line Dance. Have you tried sometimes? My friend Angels is a real prof!!!

Well, so after a lovely, funny, nice day with Frank and good friends, we said goodbye and went home.
Judy and a friend Marie here saying goodbye!!

Thanks all friends who had bought, prepared and cooked everything. And thank you Tony and Belén for your arrangement of the whole thing and THANK YOU  JUDY FOR HAVING US ALL WILD LINE DANCERS IN YOUR HOUSE!!

This was one of this days I will remember with joy and warmth!

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