lördag 21 december 2013

A CHRISTMAS-TALE 2013 - Patrik makes the "pessebre/belén"- "julkrubba" "nativity scene" in Baix-a-Mar in Torredembarra!!

It is Christmas again..and Patrik is here again...It is fantastic how a person can bring so much joy!! Yesterday we went to the fishermen village "Baix-a-Mar" in Torredembarra. My cousin Antonieta makes the "pessebre" every year in the small church by the beach. She asked us if we wanted to come and help. And of course we did. This year they have a new priest: Mossèn Giacomo or Padre Giacomo as Patrik wanted to call him. Of course Patrik and Padre Giacomo immediately got along very well, speaking Italian.

They  began to prepare everything... BUT disaster...they had no straw for the crib!! What to do? Well, we have very good friends who have the riding school here in Torredembarra and the boy who is the owner, Robert, is a great friend of Patrik so...away we went to get some straw. Robert very nicely said: I will ask one of the boys to prepare some for you.

Well, away we went again...back to the church where Antonieta and Padre Gaicomo waited for us. And what a nice crib it was going to be. Antonieta cut the straw in small pieces

And then everything was put in its place and nobody has ever seen a more beautiful nativity scene with the crib for Jesus child!! Ready for Christmas morning!!

NOW wasn´t that a very nice Christmas story?? And after all a miracle also occured... all of a sudden it began  to snow in the small church of Baix-a-Mar in Torredembarra over  the crib, Patrik, and Padre Giacomo!!


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