lördag 29 mars 2014

Saint Patrick with country la Torre

WOW! What a party!

Every year we celbrate Saint Patricks Day with our Countrygroup. Everybody dressed with something green.

First we all have dinner together and this year we were in the cultural house "El Casal" and the association had prepared everything. 
Many persons ask what Saint Patrick has to do with Country and Line dance. Well, linedance is a Celtic dance and Irish and Scottish took their dances and traditions to America, so that is what we are dancing!! And Saint Patrick is their Patron!! And we take all the chanses for a PARTY!! 

There were a lot of "tapas" and wine and sweets and coffee and.... oh boy!!

We are a big group that meets every tuesday and saturday and of course take part of the village festivities too. 

Then after all the eating of course the dance began. And I can tell you that one really burns a lot of calories!! And we have a lot of fun!!

Our fantastic teachers are:
here in an interview with the radio Ona La Torre

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