torsdag 15 december 2011

Lacemaking in Torredembarra. Another nice day in our small town!

It is a bit curious that one can be so proud of such a small thing!!

Finally I managed to finish my "angel" for the Xmas tree, as a matter of fact I have made 2!! Here they are together with other friends in the tree in our studio for lacemaking.

Our professor is Maria Rosa who is a fantastic lady with golden fingers.
Here she is helping one of the students...

In our workshop they manufacture the most beautiful laces for all occasions, like this one:

Patrik was also helping me by putting needles in the pincushion...
 This are two more of the fantastic works works that are made here in our
"Taller Fil i boixets" by  Maria Rosa Pastor.

The lighthouse of Torredembarra

and the "puntaire" which is "lacemaker" in Catalan.

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