lördag 19 april 2014

The true spirit of Good Friday in Torredembarra!

Something strange happened on Good Friday. I actually got to see Jesus Christ being taken down from the cross! It was a very intense feeling of spirituallity that is hard to describe.

To see the men carry Him and put Him down at the altar became so very real, that I cannot even explain it. It really moved me!!

It was like if it happened in our time and not 2000 years ago and the men were ordinary boys in jeans and T-shirts who took Jesus Christ down.

So that was the morning of Good Friday and except the men working and Padre Giaccomo, it was only me in the church..

I will never forget the feeling of reality!!

torsdag 17 april 2014

Easter goes on in Torredembarra!

My cousin Antonieta asked me if we could go on to help Padre Giaccomo in the small church in the fisherman village "Baix-a-Mar" to decorate the altar with white flowers.

Ok, I had some flowers in our garden and then we went to collect more in the countryside.

 When one goes in church perhaps one does not think about all the small details to prepare for the Mass!!

Padre Giaccomo had an idea to prepare the box of the "hostias", consecration wafers, on top of something that should look like a communion-cup. So Antonieta, who is very good at sewing, had made something to that purpose!

Then we had to iron tablecloths and arrange flowers and candles!

 Finally Rosina and Isabel helped to clean up all the flowers and branches from the floor

And finally we could admire the work. All ready for the holy Thursday 
mass!! The communion-cup with the consecration wafer on top!
It is looking quite nice. EASTER CAN BEGIN!!

tisdag 15 april 2014

Preparing for Palm Sunday in Torredembarra!

The priest in the fishervillage of Torredembarra "Baix-a-Mar" asked us if we could provide for some olivebranches and bayleaf-branches for to give to people in the church on Palm Sunday.

 So Antonieta and I went out in the countryside. There we found a farmer who said that we could take as much as we wanted!!

It was great fun! And then we went to my garden to pick som bay leaf and flowers. Just now my Wisteria (Blåregn) is blooming so beautiful.

Then we took it all to the church and Antonieta who has the key opened and we could place it all in som baskets for to use at the sermon on Palm Sunday.

Our friend Rosina also joined!!

Then came the big day and yesterday it was so special to see all the people with "our" branches being blessed in the square in front of the small church!!

The priest here in the fishermans village Baix-a-Mar is from Italy and has only been here 6 months. Padre Giaccomo and Patrik became great friends when Patrik was here for Xmas!!

Here a photo by Ferran Daunes:

They make the most beautiful things with dried palmleaves!!

Well, that was a very nice Palm Sunday. The sun was glittering in the sea and one culd feel the expectation of Easter coming!!

måndag 14 april 2014

Preparations for Easter!

The Cathedral of Tarragona

My friends Antonieta, Maria Dolors and Lena and me went to Tarragona on Friday for a concert in the beautiful cathedral. It was the "Friday of Our lady Mary of Sorrows" exactly one week before Good Friday. A procession with Maria mourning her son Jesus is carried around the town at the beat of drums and followed by many persons.
The cathedral was absolutely full and the played sacred music with a choire and the very old organ wich is newly renovated.

A very nice way to begin the Easter week!!

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