söndag 21 november 2010

My grandmother, my mother and Richard Gere!

My grandmother Lucy and my mother Doris - 1902

My grandmother Lucy Abbot Brown was born in England, Surbiton London 1882. Her mothers name was Elizabeth, born Edwards och married to Charles Abbot Brown, county physician in Surbiton. They were of Scottish an Irish origin. The family tree has been traced as far back as 1600 to the name Samuel Fuller, who immigrated with the Mayflower to New England in the year 1620.

Grandmother Lucy also had a brother called Charlie. Lucy and Charlie Brown, sounds
familiar, doesn’t it? But it was not of them Schultz thought while making the cartoon.

What about Richard Gere? On Mayflowers passengers list is a man named Fuller, Samuel Fuller who is our ancestor and also an ancestor to Richard Gere. The most peculiar thing is when one looks at a photo of my great grandfather Charles Abbot Brown one can clearly see the resemblance to Richard Gere!!
Quite an amazing story!!

Here are the photos of the two gentlemen:

My grandmothers father Charles Abbot Brown

Richard Gere

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Hej Maina! Vilken härlig historia. Och vad lika de är! kramar från Malin

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