torsdag 21 april 2011

My adventure with the raw shrimps - alive...!

Well, well, well.... It didn´t go exactly as I planned. When we were sitting there and prepared to eat them alive...they looked at us with their sad eyes and we just could NOT swallow them like that. We put them in a bucket and went down to the harbour and put them back in the water!!

Then we went home and had some nice beefsteaks and a good red wine intstead. I have decided to try something NOT so exotic and more easy from NOMA´s cookbook next time:

Cookbook dishes from the award-winning restaurant.

René Redzepi, the chef behind the locavore Danish fare at Copenhagen hot spot Noma, has just published a cookbook full of his delectable dishes — Noma: Time And Place In Nordic Cuisine (2010 Phaidon). Try one of these sweet desserts with local Copenhagen ingredients such as sea buckthorn berry juice, beet juice, bintje potatoes and green anise seeds.

So NOW we look forward to go and let Noma make the food. Sometime when there is something special to celebrate. It must be fantastic!!

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