tisdag 24 mars 2015



I really enjoy making lace. It is like velvet for the soul. You just concentrate in what you are doing and a fantastic pattern grows under your fingers. And all the worries in the world just vanish. Here in Torredembarra we have a very good workshop called "Fil i Boixet" under the leadership of Maria Rosa Pastor. She is incredible...knows what everyone is doing and saying: "No that is not right" or "Now you shall take the second bobbing over the third". Absolutely amazing that she can have all in the head! And what beautiful works they do!! Now for Easter decorating eggs for example!

Lace for a tablecloth

A bridal dress

This is my latest work. It will lay under glas on a tray. Hoped to be ready
for Ester..but it will be before summer anyway!

Now there are several young girls beginning, which is very nice. Otherwise this old handywork would vanish. But I see that they think it is fun and there are even some boys and men making lace now. Here it is a great tradition.

The art of lace is taught to children and the tradition goes on!!

After working we had dancing with orchestra. Of course the tradional Catalan dance: "Sardanes" It reminds me of Greek dances, moving in a ring holding your hands high. It looks easy..but I can assure you that it is NOT.
And then finally we had a very nice Paella and drank wine out of "Porron" the way you pour the wine in the mouth with great skill. Frank does it in perfection..but I prefer a glass.

Well that was a nice day as usual in the true Catalan Spirit!!

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