söndag 10 mars 2013

XATÓ, special Catalan dish!

Masia Cal Pastoret 

The other day I went to a "xatonada" with the local women's organisation here: "Grup Dones, Torredembarra". Xató is typical from the  "Penedès" area. They have even contests of whom makes the best xató!! Very serious matter...It can be quite a war between villages!! This was the best I have ever had I must say and the tortillas were very good.

We were around 40 women who gathered in an old restaurant "Cal Pastoret" to enjoy this very special Catalan dish. It consists of Escarolsallad dressed with Romesco-sauce, Bacallà (salted cod), red peppers. black and green olives and different kind of tortillas with spinach, artichokes, onions, white beans and mushroms.

 Together with that, they served grilled farmers bread that you soak with garlic, fresh tomatoe, oliveoil and salt. Delicious!! Sometimes with Serrano-ham.

 We also had very nice red wine from nearby Falset. And of course some tempting desserts...

For me it is a very warm feeling to be in this group of women and my Catalan is improving!!

Cal Pastoret is an old farmhouse

It was a very nice day with nice friends and the sun was shining both indoors and outdoors!!

It is fantastic to be part of a new life and a new culture...

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