torsdag 17 april 2014

Easter goes on in Torredembarra!

My cousin Antonieta asked me if we could go on to help Padre Giaccomo in the small church in the fisherman village "Baix-a-Mar" to decorate the altar with white flowers.

Ok, I had some flowers in our garden and then we went to collect more in the countryside.

 When one goes in church perhaps one does not think about all the small details to prepare for the Mass!!

Padre Giaccomo had an idea to prepare the box of the "hostias", consecration wafers, on top of something that should look like a communion-cup. So Antonieta, who is very good at sewing, had made something to that purpose!

Then we had to iron tablecloths and arrange flowers and candles!

 Finally Rosina and Isabel helped to clean up all the flowers and branches from the floor

And finally we could admire the work. All ready for the holy Thursday 
mass!! The communion-cup with the consecration wafer on top!
It is looking quite nice. EASTER CAN BEGIN!!

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