lördag 21 juli 2012

Breakfast in the garden of Rosa Maria!

This morning we had breakfast at Rosa Maria´s and her son Jordi´s home. It was in the name of the political party CIU. And what a breakfast!!
First one grills lovely loafs of farmers bread. Then you rub them with tomatoes and pour olivoil and salt on them (Pa amb tomàquet).
Breakfast here is not exactly like in Sweden.. We were served all kinds of sausages, cheese, ham, freshly grilled lambchops, grilled vegetables, etc. etc. Everything was washed down with wine in "porrons" (glasbottle with pipe that you can drink directly from in the air) or water, cocacola, and other refreshments. Here you can see Frank in action. He likes his wine for breakfast...
Rosa Maria and her brother Pere

I am in doubt what to choose!

The Mayor of Torredembarra Daniel Masagué and Rosa Maria's son Jordi (sitting) at the shade of the almondtrees.

The almonds are almost ripe! In one month they will harvest them said Rosa Maria

Frank decided to have some more! We had no lunch today as you can guess!!

That was a nice and funny breakfast!! Finaly Pere Font came and tried to eat everything very fast and make up for what he missed, since we arrived. They made fun of him saying that he had to grow..(he is about 1.95 tall!!) Oh, what a beautiful morning....

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