lördag 22 oktober 2011

What a party!!

Really I have not written for such a long time!! I have spent all my time on the beach and in the sea, but now I am back to reality!! Today we have had a visit from the Association of Lacemakers of Catalonia. Here we are standing outside the Town Hall. (Yes, I am there too..)
Here some lines in Catalan:
Trobada de Puntaires de tot Catalunya a la Torre
Trobada Puntaires a Torredembarra. L'Associació catalana de Puntaires ha celebrat a la Torre la Festivitat de Santa Úrsula la seva patrona. més de 100 puntaires de tot Catalunya han estat a casa nostra, han visitat L'Església on han estat rebudes per mn. Cañas, l'Organista torrenca Montserrat Miracle els ha ofert una petit concert de l'orgue barroc desprès han visitat el Castell on han estat rebudes per la Regidora de Cultura i Patrimoni Sra, Rosa Maria Guasch, seguidament, han fet la ruta dels Indians en especial han visitat el Patronat Antoni Roig, aquesta han estat explicada per el Jordi Guasch, historiador local. aproximadament a les 2 s'han dirigit a un restaurant torrenc Clamar per dinar.
Our professor of lacemaking: Maria Rosa Pastor who has the workshop in Torredembarra.

We celebrated Santa Ursula, the patron of lacemakers, and there came 100 visitors from all over Catalonia. First there was a visit to our "taller", that is the workshop were we learn how to make lace.
 They were shown around and listen to the fantastic barock organ we have in the curch and saw the miraculous painting of Santa Rosalia which also is hanging in the church. Afterwards we went to have an enormous lunch near the sea. ALL my Weight Watchers points for 1 week was spent...!!!
Some of the ladies are waiting for lunch!

Our two "Roses" :
Maria Rosa Pator and Rosa Maria Guasch , responsable for the Culture of Torredembarra!

Clams in oliveoil, parsley and garlic as an apetizer!

Delicious fish-croquettes

Sallad with Serranoham

Here comes the Paella!

What a small portion!!

Then when I thought it was finished ...
they served a really good fishplate!

I said that I absolutely could NOT eat this Crema Catalana...

after some minutes it looked like this! Wonder who ate it??

A coffee was a MUST after this lunch. They served cognac and liquers also but I
manged to say no to that anyway...

Here we are happy and satisfied!
 Pilar, the president of the womens organisation in Torredembarra, me and Maria Angela.

If you think that I then went home and had a loooong SIESTA, you are absolutely wrong. When the others continued up in the mountains to visit a place where they make lace-bobbins, I went for 2 hours Line-dance!!! But that is another story. 

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